The Season of Stories

I’ve been hooked on Silvio Sirias’s books since I read his first novel, Bernardo and the Virgin, a masterpiece of historical fiction which brings the Nicaraguan landscape and people to life, while at the same time teaching the reader about a remarkable slice of Central American history. I also loved his second novel, Meet Me Under the Ceiba, and not just because it takes place in the same tiny Nicaraguan village of Pio XII, where I lived as a Peace Corps trainee in 1998, but because it too was masterfully told.

Flash forward seven years to Sirias’s newest venture, The Season of Stories. Sirias, a Nicaraguan-American novelist who lives in Panama City, continues to prove his prowess for weaving fiction and nonfiction to create bright, exciting quilts of color. In The Season of Stories, he also weaves two totally separate narratives, occurring 500 years apart, yet slowly, surprisingly, converging as he alternates chapters between them.

Joshua Berman, author of Crocodile Love

Silvio Sirias is an author whose decency and compassion shine through the novel’s central characters. (Moreover, it’s refreshing to find a contemporary Young Adult novel that foregoes the slick allure of vampires, wizards or the paranormal.). In The Season of Stories, Sirias has given us an engaging, tender and uplifting novel that nurtures the better angels of our nature.

Raúl Ramos y Sánchez, author of The Skinny Years and Class-H Trilogy

Twelve-year- old Diego Miranda believes his life is over when his parents decide to leave Los Angeles and return to Nicaragua, their homeland. A die-hard Dodger fan, Diego is heartbroken to leave everything behind, especially his favorite team, but a chance meeting with a stranger will alter the course of Diego’s life. The stranger, a storyteller will befriend Diego and regale him and his classmates with stories about the Spanish explorer, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa and the woman he shared his life with, the Indian Princess Anayansi.

Award-winning author, Silvio Sirias introduces the Young Adult reader to the colorful and often dangerous world of early colonization of the Americas, where local tribes fight for control and power and the conquistadors invade the country in search of gold and riches. Told in alternating chapters, we meet the tribal leader’s daughter, Princess Anayansi, Balboa and the conquistadors. Diego’s friendship with the storyteller, the novelist Scott O’Dell, begets stories that ensnare Diego’s imagination as he finds himself dreaming more about writing and Nicaragua than baseball. Soon, the boy’s life intertwines with the Indian Princess born four hundred years before. Who is the Golden Boy? Will the prophecy come to pass?

With The Seasons of Stories, Silvio Sirias takes the reader on a historical, yet magical journey, where you taste the nacatamales and baho and hear the sounds of native drums echoing through the lush tropical jungle. The Season of Stories is a wonderful introduction to the colonizing of the New World, and a tribute to our ancestors, the first peoples of the Americas.

Eleanor Parker Sapia, author of A Decent Woman

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