Meet Me under the Ceiba

Sirias brings to life a small Nicaraguan town as it reacts to the brutal murder of Adela, a beautiful young lesbian who made the mistake of challenging a wealthy landowner by luring away his mistress... A provocative novel that opens up a little-known world to its readers.


I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who wants to get a glimpse of Nicaraguan life and history, or for that matter, anyone who wants to read an exciting story.

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...the book kept my attention. I was impressed with the way a seemingly simple story about a woman who was murdered kept me reading longer than I intended. Silvio Sirias did an excellent job of recreating the little town of La Curva.

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A fascinating read.

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(O)ne of the best-written books that has ever come out of Arte Público Press... The plot will keep any reader captivated.

Silvio Sirias’s Meet Me under the Ceiba is a story of love, obsession, violence, and homophobia in the small town of La Curva, Nicaragua, a community brought to life with sensory details that reveal beauty and horror living side by side.... Sirias’s use of interviews is skillful; with each character’s revelations, new facets and layers are added, and the story grows in richness and depth.... Even the minor characters are memorable....

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There is a reason Silvio Sirias was recently listed as one of [...] "2010 Top Ten 'New' Latino Authors to Watch (and Read)." Meet Me Under the Ceiba (like his last book, Bernardo and the Virgin) is a wonderfully told story AND a vibrant, accurate portrayal of everyday Nicaraguan life. I know because I have been to and lived in nearly all of the small villages where Sirias sets his stories. I can recognize actual street corners and dining rooms in his stories and I've met most of the people he writes about. Even if they are fictional, Sirias's books are peopled by strikingly real Nica characters and his narrative is peppered with sharp sensory details: the sickly sweet taste of Rojita cola, the sour smell of rum-breath, the young man wearing "an old, threadbare Cat-in-the-Hat T-shirt -- probably part of the U.S. shipment sent here after Hurricane Mitch." These details are spot-on and his descriptions do not waste a word.

Joshua Berman, author of Moon Nicaragua (Moon Handbooks)

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About Meet Me Under The Ceiba

The story is so well told and the interviews so fascinating that many times one stops to wonder, “Did this really happen?”.... And although the novel deals with dark aspects of human nature (greed, human exploitation, and homophobia), the spiritual and religious images of the book (naturally and beautifully woven in) lend a sense of hope and peace as we learn of the tragic last moments of Adela/Aura.

Pisti-Totol ~ Black Bird

I definitely recommend Meet Me Under the Ceiba, not only for the important issues that it puts out into the open, but also because it is a highly readable novel that will keep you on edge.

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I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading international fiction that really brings you to another place, or to anyone interested in LGBT issues, or to anyone who just enjoys a good story.

A Striped Armchair

Sirias sharp, colorful writing explores the little discussed issues of homosexuality in (Nicaragua) and the flaws behind human emotions.

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Highly recommended.

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